Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journey to Cleansing - 60 days

As I publish this post, I've been on my journey for 90 days and great transformations have been happening. Stay tune for updated posts:

Check out the definition in the abs
I've now been on this journey to cleansing and detoxing my body at a cellular level for 60 days.   My body is being detoxed cell by cell, with whole body nutrient dense food - not one of those colon cleanses (you know the kind that makes you have the runs and you can't be too far from the bathroom? Yep, that's a colon cleanse.  When you're 'on' one of these, it pads the pockets of toilet paper makers and makes you wish you weren't on it!)  However, a cellular cleanse rids your body naturally of toxens from our enviroment, which then in turn helps to increase your energy and coping skills.

To keep you up to date;  during my first 30 days I released 15 pounds and 19 inches of toxic fat -  mostly from my core.

Fit and Strong
During this next 30 days I found my self getting back into the swing of my j.o.b.

This time of year my stress level increases quickly and dramatically.  I suddenly go from working 20 hours a week to over 60 hours!  All preparation work and behind the scenes for getting a school ready for the back to school fun.

Deadlines loom right and left, stacked deep, one after another. Teachers and parents filled with expectations and needs that all need to be done, and in fact needed to be done yesterday.

In years past, this time frase kicks off the beginning of my bodies' chemical warfare.  It was the time where cortisol (that nasty hormone caused by stress) would try to take hold and create a nice little toxic fattening house out of my body. I would also start to display symptoms of duress, stress, psychotic rocking in the corner, and even outbursts of tears.

Stress Erasing Formula
Not this year!  I've re-written this back to school duress!

This year, my body's ability to deal with stress, late nights, looming deadlines, and unrealistic expectations has been a breeze!  I can't believe how calm, centered, and level my emotions and coping skills have been. I'm coping with the stress better then I've ever been able to cope in this j.o.b.  In fact I've even 'added' another level of 'stress' by training two new people during this already chaotic time frame.

I've re-written my story of the Back to School blues!  It's now Back to School joy.

To sum  up my second month of cleansing; I've had immense stress reduction, increased coping skills and energy, feelings of youthfulness, and losses of pounds and inches!  Even with the increase in stress and 60  hour work weeks, I continued to release 9 pounds, and 9 inches of toxic body fat.

Want to create your own successful journey to health, energy, and stress reduction?  I'd love to assist you in your journey?  Send me an email at: christelisagenix@gmail.com or visit my website for more information here